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  •  1 HR


  • 1 on 1 via Specialized Training (No FMS)

  • Group with FMS with Dr. JC Aikenhead

What you get

  • Fit3D Body Scan

  • Baseline Testing with Jordan Westerkamp

    • 10 Yard Dash

    • Pro Agility

    • Broad and Vertical Jump

    • Max Belt Squat Peak Power

  • Follow up to your assessment via email

    • Detailed plan of attack and recommendations​

Available For

  • Youth (Via Specialized Training Only), High School, College, Pro

Recommended Equipment

  • Gym Shoes

  • Cleats, Spikes, or Turf Shoes​

b*FMS (Functional Movement Screen)



Assessment Day May 3rd-203 - Copy.jpg

More About our Assessments

The Fit3D body scan is a cutting-edge technology that provides a comprehensive analysis of your body's composition, shape, and posture. This non-invasive scanning system captures a three-dimensional image of your body, allowing for a detailed assessment of various measurements and metrics.


During a Fit3D body scan, you step onto a platform equipped with multiple sensors that rotate around you, capturing thousands of data points. These sensors use infrared technology to create an accurate and detailed 3D model of your body, including measurements such as body circumference, body volume, body fat percentage, and body shape.


In addition to the body scan, a full movement assessment is conducted by Dr. JC Aikenhead to evaluate your mobility, flexibility, and range of motion. This assessment involves a series of exercises and tests designed to identify any muscular imbalances, postural deviations, or movement restrictions. By analyzing how you move, fitness professionals can pinpoint areas that may require attention and develop personalized exercise programs to address those issues.


The combination of the Fit3D body scan, full movement assessment, and baseline testing provides a comprehensive snapshot of your body's composition, movement patterns, and overall fitness. This data serves as a starting point for designing personalized fitness programs, tracking progress over time, and setting achievable goals. By understanding your body's unique characteristics and movement patterns, fitness professionals can tailor workouts and interventions to optimize your health and performance.


Follow up to your assessment via email with a detailed plan of attack and recommendations.​

  • Fit3D body scan, full assessment and a detailed follow up.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

    1 hr

    45 US dollars
  • Fit3D body scan, full assessment and a detailed follow up.

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

    1 hr

    45 US dollars
  • Choose a 1 on 1 Training •Ages 12+ •Assessment •Performance •Football...

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    1 hr

    70 US dollars

Save with a Package

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